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Good Natured

Who we are.

Metroparks Toledo believes everyone deserves to benefit from the outdoors. In the spirit of trying new things, building confidence, and having fun together in the outdoors, Good Natured is a Metroparks Toledo membership-based community of women, and allies of women, who want to further engage in the outdoors and with each other. Opportunities will be offered throughout the year to come together for speaker events, volunteer initiatives, and fun outdoor experiences, all with the goal of trying new things, encouraging one another, meeting people where they are at, and breaking down barriers for others along the way.

What we sow.

Rooted in Metroparks Toledo’s mission to conserve and preserve our region’s natural resources and to connect everyone to those resources, Good Natured exists to help break down the barriers that prevent historically underserved individuals, groups, and communities from experiencing, engaging with and benefiting from our area’s natural resources.

Each year, funds raised through the Good Natured initiative will assist Metroparks programming to create life-changing memories and connections to the parks. This outreach is focused on introducing those communities to new and fun ways to experience the outdoors.

How we cultivate.

Joining Good Natured is simple, you have two choices…

  • Already a Metroparks Member? Add on a Good Natured Membership! Pay monthly ($10/month) or give an annual donation of $120.
  • Not a Metroparks Member? Sign up as a Metroparks Member (at the level that best fits your giving priorities) and add on the Good Natured Membership. Examples below:
    • Individual Membership ($40) + Good Natured ($120) = $160/annual or $13/month*
    • Family Membership ($55) + Good Natured ($120) = $175/annual or $15/month*

*100% of your donation funds outreach and programming efforts to break down barriers. Monthly cost is approximate and based on the membership level selected.  

Join Today!

Call Jackie Cummins at 419-407-9755 or email

What’s next?

Four times a year we’ll meet up to volunteer, hang out, try bold experiences and grow… together.

Program offerings will include a variety of outdoor, conservation and environmental experiences, including but not limited to hikes and camp-ins inside Metroparks facilities, archery, kayaking, fly fishing, tree climbing, speaker panels, and so much more. SAVE THE MONTH important dates will be added below as they are scheduled.


Good Natured Kick-Off Event
November 2, 2022

80 women and their allies gathered, November 22, at HEAVY Wheelhouse, located inside Oak Openings Metropark, for the launch of Metropark’s Toledo’s new, membership-based community Good Natured. Good Natured is comprised of women, and allies of women, who want to engage in the outdoors and with each other. The goal is to encourage people to try new things, meet people where they are at, and break down barriers for others along the way.



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